What I’m doing now

Seattle from South Lake Union

Heyo! You found the “now” part of my seldom updated website. This will change because I have committed to writing something new and valuable every week.

/Now is the idea I’ve found on Derek Sivers webpage. It should tell your readers what you are doing right now.

Here’s where I am now

I’m in New Orleans. I’m here to attend Collision conference about tech and startups.Maybe I’m going to be lucky and meet Jessica Alba. I was always curious what would be like to meet and chat with top recognized actors.

It’s raging thunder outside and I’m tucked in a Revelator Coffee Shop sipping lukewarm coffee and listening to Sun Kil Moon (how convenient).

Current Work

For the last couple of years, I have been a one-man growth and marketing team for VIAR. Being in a startup is tough! But you do learn a lot in a short amount of time. I do content writing, website optimization, run growth experiments, answer support, show off demos, email marketing and I like to jump on sales calls as well. Talking with strangers is something I love to do.

Marketing this days is all about providing value. People are not stupid and no-one is going to give you a time of day if you don’t bring it.

Remember the first rule of marketing?

  • Nobody cares about you. They only care about themselves. — Noah Kagan

Anyhoo, VIAR is in Virtual Reality space and has two products.

ViarBox is pretty straightforward. We sell branded Virtual Reality cardboard viewers to marketing agencies and other businesses. What are those? I’d say to just google “Google Cardboard” and you’ll have a good idea. Coming from a small country and being able to deliver awesome service to brands like Disney and Critical Mass makes this side project super fun.

The main big idea is Viar360 – a VR publishing platform that creates Virtual Reality training environments, VR education and immersive journalism storytelling stories for enterprises or schools. Quite a lot of VR producers are using it for Real Estate tours as well.


Work has taken away most of my hobbies (except Crossfit and weightlifting) and I’m fine with that. My plan is to get even deeper into Growth Hacking and upgrade my skills.

My one thing that I miss is having a mentor or a team that I can work with and learn from them. I believe that personal and career growth happens on a much more rapid level if you learn from the best and just hang around them.

For now, books and videos will do. If you’re looking for resources, here are my top 3:


There are a couple of annoyances I want to banish from my work.

  • Impostor Syndrome – I’ve heard that from Ramit Sethi’s first. It means that even though you have a track of results you still feel like you’re just a charlatan. Through my work, I’m getting a lot of invitations and job offers which should be a good indication that I’m doing something right. Sometimes that’s crippling in areas where you should just go for it. I’ve been using the “f@ck it” approach and it’s been working. Whether you feel it or not – just go for it. When I use this powerful technique I either fail and learn or just something amazing happens. I suggest you implement it.
  • Develop a morning routine  – I like having a routine and morning meditation has been working great to center myself. I love waking up before the dawn and get my body either moving or “brush my mind” with 20 min of stillness. The problem is that having a daily morning meeting early in the morning and very late at night leaves me with 5 – 6 hours of sleep which is not enough. I’m not canceling my Crossfit workouts or Olympic weightlifting classes. They are my non-negotiables.
  • Be more active with this Website – Startup takes most of my time and after a heavy workout I’m not feeling on writing more stuff. Usually, I just go back to learning more skills about growth and marketing.

What are you doing these days?

Email me or post down in the comments.

Have a good one!