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Activation – a measurable first experience on your website

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The Second A in AARRR

So you have been able to attract people to your website? Awesome! How did you do it? Tell me all your secrets.

But now, we have to activate them. How do we do that? By giving them value, of course.

You’re selling swimming pools. Give them some sort of content, that will be super useful to┬áthem. Could it be “10min Swimming Pool maintenance” ebook? How about 1-day family try-out in one of your swimming pools? Give them as much value as you can. Serving your customers is always and forever a good choice.

Here is the place where you can use a bunch of A/B tests. Take leverage on them. Build landing pages and keep changing copy, imaging, headlines and see what works. Once you see what captures your clients, that’s what you can use.