What I’m doing now

Seattle from South Lake Union

Heyo! You found the “now” part of my seldom updated website. This will change because I have committed to writing something new and valuable every week.

“Now” is the idea I’ve found on Derek Sivers webpage. It should tell your readers what you are doing right now.

Here’s where I am now

Currently, I’m back in Slovenia (temporarily) living and working in Maribor with a young well-funded startup as Head of Growth and business development officer.

It’s the middle of winter, which is my favorite time to focus and work on different projects besides my full-time work with the guys.

Current Work

My primary focus is on two projects.

  1. LifeOnScreen is a marketplace of digital screen-owners and advertisers. We are enabling anyone to test out the undervalued marketing channel of digital out-of-home (DOOH) with the comfort of their laptop. We are tearing down the walls of long negotiation cycles, complex technology and effort to book and set up a DOOH campaign.
    *LifeOnScreen might not be available in your country, since the primary market at the time of writing is Dubai and the rest of the Middle East.
  2. SudoProc and Sudo Systems is a side project in embedded systems industry. According to my research embedded systems and Industry of Things (IoT) are going to have tremendous growth in the next 5 years.

    We are talking about double-digit compound growth. The hardware Sudo Systems designed is a system-on-module hardware. As an independent hardware developer, we have designed a super-fast, small-frame system for the most sophisticated IoT companies who need fast, open-source hardware.


Growth and marketing is my passion and I’m staying in the gauntlet of new tools, strategies, and ideas to provide value for my company and consulting clients.

A month ago I had my first speaking gig, where I presented the concept of growth hacking and how it applies to different marketing channels. I went through all 19 – as stated in the Traction book by Gabriel Wienberg and Justin Mares. It was just a few minutes shy of 3 hours so I have much to learn about brevity 🙂

I’m excited about the next few tools I’ve discovered I plan to write on how I’ve used them and how it applies to marketing.

  • Autopilot – a customer journey tool that allows to build customer journeys and personalize them in a visual canvas. It’s super fun and easy to lay it out.
  • RealtimeBoard – amazing whiteboard tool for creating multiple sketches from customer journeys, funnels, to the agile framework, customer personas etc…
  • Mailshake – I still rely on emails as a channel that is the least intrusive and gives you the most control. Mailshake has replaced gmass for cold emailing. I like the simple UI and good feedback info

Nobody cares about you. They only care about themselves. — Noah Kagan



Work is taking the most of my work days (and weekends). I’m trying to move doing yoga (3x times a week), Olympic weightlifting (2x a week), CrossFit (2 – 3x times a week).

The challenge I’m facing is the lack of sleep which contributes energy inconsistency throughout a day. Sometimes I need that 20 – 30min nap in the afternoon to get through the day.

Nutritionally I’m not on point every day. I do intermittent fasting which was hard at first – I love breakfast food. I’m still adjusting.


For now, books and videos will do. If you’re looking for resources, here are my top 3:


There are a couple of annoyances I want to banish from my work.

  • Impostor Syndrome – I’ve heard that from Ramit Sethi’s first. It means that even though you have a track of results you still feel like you’re just a charlatan. Through my work, I’m getting a lot of invitations and job offers which should be a good indication that I’m doing something right. Sometimes that’s crippling in areas where you should just go for it. I’ve been using the “f@ck it” approach and it’s been working. Whether you feel it or not – just go for it. When I use this powerful technique I either fail and learn or just something amazing happens. I suggest you implement it.
  • Develop a morning routine  – I like having a routine and morning meditation has been working great to center myself. I love waking up before the dawn and get my body either moving or “brush my mind” with 20 min of stillness. The problem is that having a daily morning meeting early in the morning and very late at night leaves me with 5 – 6 hours of sleep which is not enough. I’m not canceling my Crossfit workouts or Olympic weightlifting classes. They are my non-negotiables.
  • Be more active with this Website – Startup takes most of my time and after a heavy workout I’m not feeling on writing more stuff. Usually, I just go back to learning more skills about growth and marketing.

What are you doing these days?

Email me or post down in the comments.

Have a good one!