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GMass – a secret weapon for high open rates

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How does a 70% open rate sound like? Pretty sexy right?

Would you like to achieve the same kind of result?

It’s pretty simple, you just send it through your personal email to hundreds of people.

Wait, dude, you’re not telling me to send it one by one, right?


time consuming

You don’t have to.

I have been using this neat little Gmail tool called GMass. GMass is a brainchild by Ajay Goel, the man behind Wordzen – a neat email editing service for Gmail.

Tell me straight – you usually open emails from domains right? Why?

I open them because I believe the email has been sent from a personal email address. In a way, I feel special. I wasn’t just one name of the hundreds of contacts on the email list. Someone took the time to craft the wording especially for me. I feel compelled to at least open that email.

If you’re an early stage startup this is a perfect tool to reach a lot of important contacts. On one way, you don’t have a budget to use expensive email marketing services. I like Mailchimp but I hate their design templates. No matter how I try to make them plain and default-looking, like they are coming from a gmail account, I’m never satisfied with the end design.

mailchimp design

This email will be extremely obvious that has been sent from Mailchimp


And that’s exactly why I chose to send massive emails to potential partners on behalf of my growing startup – Viar360. And I urge you to try it yourself. If you’re a startup in early stage you need to hustle.

Noah Kagan, a growth superstar has said that first 1000 users are acquired manually. One after another. Instead of writing 1000 emails, you can use GMass and break it up.

What can you do with GMass?

GMass sends mass email from your Gmail account. How appropriately named app right?

I love this tool for a number of reasons.

  1. Integration with Google Spreadsheets

    If you’re guarding your emails subscribers or cold lists like me, you might have it on a number of locations, but for sure you’re having it on a spreadsheet in your google drive. What GMass can do is to connect with your google sheet and take First Name and email directly from that database. Voila, you have a way to personalize your email already and you have the entire list at your disposal for mass emailing.



2. Batch email sending

Google engineers are smart people. If they will see unusual activity from your gmail account – like emailing hundreds of people at once, they will think you’re a spammer. This is unlikely to happen but they do control how many emails you send per day. But they will shut you down if people will start complaining.

However, with GMass you can break emailing to small batches and send them periodically. I usually send emails with batches of 20. Schedule it.

3. Auto Follow-up

This is my favorite feature of all. If your recipient didn’t open your email message, GMass can send a follow-up email. Simply, write another copy and schedule it to send after two days if you don’t get a reply. And another email if you don’t get a new reply.

Auto Follow-up is dope

Auto Follow-up is dope


4. Track Open Emails

Every campaign you sent will be tracked inside your Gmail account under GMass Reports. You can brag to your marketing manager or pat yourself on the back for all those high open rates you are getting.

5. Have emails sent as replies

This is another sweet feature I haven’t been using it, but the theory is absolutely coconuts. When your recipient answers your email, he or she can get a pre-composed reply back.

With Viar, we also supply business with branded virtual reality cardboards. For the last three months, we have been actively looking for affiliate partners.

I’ve come together with a list of potential leads.

Each one of them has been addressed from a personal Gmail account with call-to-action to reply if he or she is interested.

As a reply, I encouraged them to send me an idea on how we can be a good fit with a time interval I’ll be making the decision within next 48 hours.

This helped me in  two ways. First I got new ideas from potential partners and secondly, my email recipient has become more engaged and involved in my business. Viarbox is now having 80% of the profits from these partners. (By the way, let me know if you’re interested in becoming one.)

GMass has become my primal tool for outreach and if you also believe that personal emails are the way to go, go try it too.